KY Perry July 1977 #00002

Submitted to BFRO by witness Rick S. on Friday, July 7, 2000.
Incident near a horse corral in the mountains of eastern Kentucky, 10 miles north of Hazard.
YEAR: 1977
SEASON: Summer
STATE: Kentucky
COUNTY: Perry County
LOCATION DETAILS: It is in the mountains of Eastern KY, about 10 miles north of Hazard. If you travel south out of Jackson towards Hazard hwy. 15 is about 20 miles down on the right, you take a right and go about 4 miles to the holler my family lives in. Very dense area almost can’t walk around because it is so overgrown
OBSERVED: I was young about 12 or 13 and I had gone to spend a few weeks with my uncle and cousins, they lived in a secluded area. Only our family lived in this holler and the houses were fairly spread apart. Well my uncle worked night shift in a mine down the road so that left me and my cousins and aunt at home nights alone.

It was a clear hot night about 11:30 PM my cousin and his mom and me were the only ones up and we were watching TV Just about 30 ft from the back door there was a corral with my cousin’s pony in it. We were watching TV when all of a sudden the pony went absolutely crazy so bad we all jumped up to see what was going on. Just by the way it was carrying on we thought it was a bobcat in there with it (which isn’t unusual to find around there).

Me and my cousin both grabbed frog gigs and thought we would just go out and it would run off, feeling real confident we went out and when we rounded the porch and could see we both just about messed our pants. It wasn’t a bobcat. It was big and it was on the other side of the corral headed away like it heard us and was leaving. I swear this to be a true statement. It stepped over a four rail fence as I would one of those things you put in a doorway to keep a child out. All I ever saw of it was its back; it never looked around at us. It stepped over the fence and in a mere moment it crossed the dirt road and leaped across the creek and up the side of the hill.

After it left the corral and the light wasn’t so good it was by knowing the terrain and the sounds that it made moving, is how I know what it did. I had another cousin who lived around the bend in the direction it went who dog has disappeared that night. It was chained up and the chain was ripped out of the dog house so if whatever it was took the dog it took chain and all. No way had that dog done it and a person wouldn’t have had the brute strength to do that, it was a strong setup.

Remember I was 12 or 13 and we didn’t know much about Bigfoot or such. But I promise you that thing was 7 to 9 ft tall and as wide as 2 men standing shoulder to shoulder. No sound as heard as far as a scream and no smell was noticed but we sure saw something and it wasn’t a bear, my family was and is raised in the woods and we are all good woodsmen even at that age we had spent all our lives hunting, fishing and exploring those hills and this was something very unique. I thought about someone playing a trick on us but everyone knew that if you did something like that you could easily be shot and I have no doubt that it was a real animal.

I didn’t sleep at all that night and I wasn’t really afraid ( I was but I was more curious) it left a feeling that night that I can’t explain. We looked for foot prints or anything the next morning but all we found was where it jumped the creek and dug in to the hillside going up it. Not much more than a big slide of dirt. No one ever said they saw it again and no noises heard. It was really dry and dusty that time of month. I won’t really talk about this much because nobody I tell other than my family believes it. But I wasn’t alone when I saw it and I know what I saw.
ALSO NOTICED: Dog missing is all
OTHER WITNESSES: I, my cousin and his mom but she waited at the door so she didn’t come around the house
OTHER STORIES: Yes some of the people in those hollers can tell you some hair rising tales but none that I could link to what I saw
TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was about 11:30 PM. It was a clear night, there was a street light next to the house shining on the horse pen
ENVIRONMENT: When I saw it, it was in a bottom of a holler and there were mountains on both sides about 90 yrds of flat ground in between and a small creek ran beside on mountain