KY Spencer January 21, 2005 #00003

A bigfoot with possible mange appears in witness’ yard on many occasions.
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Report Posted To GCBRO Web Site On: January 31, 2005

DATE: January 21, 2005

TIME: 1:00 pm

LOCATION: Spencer County, Kentucky


OBSERVED: The first time I saw it was approximately 3 years ago. It was squatted down in a tree when I got home around 10 pm. At first I thought it was human. I yelled at it “What are you doing???” and it jumped out of the tree.
It was at least 15 feet up in the tree, yet it jumped out of it and landed with what seemed to be no injuries. When it landed, it stood up and took off through the woods. I knew then it wasn’t a human, because it was too tall. It seemed to have a rather stocky upper body build, but a skinnier lower body.
The second time I saw it was a few days after the first time. I got home at around 1 am or so. When I got out of my car, I saw a bipedal animal standing to the left of me watching me. It was only approx.. 15 feet from me, standing next to my moms 1997 ford F150 truck. Again, using the F-150 to estimate its height, it was at least 8 feet tall. I didn’t tell anyone about that, until my mom started
to tell me about a really tall humanoid creature that she saw standing by the tree behind her when she parked her truck. This happened the same week I saw it.
The third time I saw it, it was walking towards the same general area of the first and second sighting. It was right next to the side of our house walking towards me when I pulled up. It was again around 1 am or so. When got out I yelled “I SEE YOU!” and it stopped in it’s tracks. I walked to the basement door, and quickly got in, while keeping my eye on it. It didn’t budge an inch after I said something. Looked exactly the same as it did the first 2 times. This third sighting occurred less than a month after the first 2 sightings.
The fourth time was the most dramatic and most clear observation I had to date.
This occurred approximately 1 1/2 to 2 years ago. My australian shepherd was barking crazily at the back door. So I walked outside with him. He took a left off the porch, and headed towards the woods that form a tree line along our side yard. He barked until he stepped a few feet into the woods. The brush was so thick that I could no longer see him. Then he re-emerged walking backwards wagging his tail, while looking up. He then turned and looked at me as if trying to tell me “look who I found!!!” It was the same look he gives
when a friend of mine he hasn’t seen in a while comes over. I froze, because I have seen him with deer before, and he just chases them. So I couldn’t imagine what he could possibly be looking “UP”; at. The brush began to move and out came a really long slender yet muscular left leg. The flood lights were on so I got a really good look at it. It was hairless, and seemed to be a light
beige color mixed with a slight grayish hue to it. The most abnormal in regards to human terms was that it had a groin at about the height of my chest or higher. It made me immediately think of the image that most people describe aliens as looking like. My dog again looked back at me, and when he did, the creature stopped moving. I assumed that it had not previously seen me, and when my dog looked at me, it saw me. It slowly lifted its left leg up and moved it back towards its body and then took off through the woods. My dog came back wagging his tail, and we went inside.
Up until the fifth and most recent sighting I had never seen it in broad daylight. The fifth occurrence was the first one I described which happened about a week ago. It’s legs were the same color as I had seen before, a beigeish white. Its’ stocky upper body was a medium brown. It looked like the upper body was hair covered and the legs were not.
I was standing in the kitchen talking with my mom, and about to leave for work. Caught out of the corner of my eye, a blur running down the hill in the back yard. I looked up and saw a bipedal creature running down the hill.
It was at least 8 feet tall. My dogs saw it as well. They both got up and walked to the edge of the porch to take a look at it as it went around the house. The dogs always chase any animal that comes in the yard. They didn’t chase this one. My mom saw the dogs get up, but did not see the animal itself. I ran out the front door because it was headed around the house, but there was sign of it. It was running extremely fast, so I assumed it had time to hide in the woods somewhere. This was the first daylight sighting I have ever seen.
I have seen it an additional 4 times over the last 3 years.

Activities of Witness: Various

Description of Creature:
Approximately 8 feet tall;
-Brown hair covered upper body;
-beige possibly hairless lower body; although it could be covered with hair, just appears hairless due to the contrasting colors between the upper and lower torsos.
-Stocky upper body;
-muscular/toned, but much skinnier lower body;

Other Notes: Multiple times have heard screaming noises that come from the woods. Sounds like a human child howling. Very odd. My step dad who hunts has heard it as well, and said it wasn’t a deer.
The creature has always been spotted in the same general area. The times I have seen it traveling, it was heading in the same general direction.
Makes me think it has a routine traveling route. After reading up on the Pope Lick creature or goatman, it makes me think this could be the same thing. The fact that this thing has two different colors for the upper and lower torsos makes me think it could be mistaken for a goat like creature, with the legs being skinnier than the more stocky upper body. I assure you though, even though the legs are smaller, they still are much thicker than a pair of goats legs.

Additional Notes and or Follow up Comments: Upon contact the witness had no additional information to add to this report.