KY Spencer Summer 1995 #00002

Website Submission: 11-10-10
Your first name: Jeff (police officer)

Estimated date? Summer 1995

Estimated time? 2:00am

What city, or nearest city? Taylorsville

Length of time the encounter lasted: off and on for a few hours

How many witnesses? 2

Please describe your encounter:

In the summer of around 1997, myself and a friend went fishing in my boat on Taylorsville Lake. We always fished at night for catfish and one night we tried a spot back in a cove a good distance from the main water way and one where we had to maneuver thru the trees to get to. We had been there before but without incident, but this night was a bit different. It started with noises from up on the hill in the woods of what sounded like a woman scream, while being a state park and no houses we figured it was some animal but nothing of major importance. We kept hearing a knocking sound off and on thru the night and some rustling or twigs breaking in the distance, but couldn’t see anything with our spot lights as the woods came right to the bank almost and was fairly dense. At one point I heard what sounded like a whistle, and I would whistle back. Then every time I whistled something would whistle in return. Well I figured maybe the sounds were carrying good that night and someone in another cove must be doing it, but where we were at had no coves very close by. My friend of course starts in with the theme of the twilight zone as we try to dismiss it all as nothing. And that’s where it would have stayed, the few hours of us knocking, whistles, us yelling hello. and so on, but then I got the idea of doing a bigfoot yell or growl to try and get at my friend, and the first time it was funny, but the second time it wasn’t, that time I got a reply! The yell or screaming growl I received back was incredible. It was followed by the sound of breaking trees or limbs and something was coming towards us. We were anchored only about 10 feet from the bank at the very deepest part of the cove so I looked over to my friend and told him to pull up the anchor it was time to leave, only to find him already with anchor aboard and pulling in poles in any fashion he could. Although I was a police officer at the time, and armed with a weapon, there are certain times when it’s time to get out and regroup. This was one of those times! We left quickly risking hitting stumps and trees as we got out of the cove in a rapid fashion. We never saw what it was but it had to be big.

Describe the creature with detail: Didn’t see it.

Area, Sounds, Etc: Knocking, whistles, trees breaking, and one loud scream/growl

Follow-Up: 11/10/10

I had a lengthy conversation with the witness over the phone. He is a retired police officer from a nearby city. I found him to be highly credible and sincere. He mentioned that whatever it was would return a whistle with the same tone, almost finishing his tune. The crashing through the trees sounded like a bulldozer, breaking large branches as it approached the shoreline. No smell was noticed, nor rocks thrown.

-Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator

Photo courtesy of the witness. This is the spot!