KY Trimble 2007 #00003

Your first name: Adam
Which city? Bedford
Estimated date? 2007
Estimated time? 3:00am
Nearest city? Traveling to Madison, IN from Eminence, KY
Nearest Road(s): 421
Length of time the encounter lasted: 30 sec
How many witnesses? 1
Please describe your encounter:
“I drive a route truck and make deliveries at night time and have run this route for six and a half years total. I made a delivery at Norms Food World in Eminence, KY. I was traveling on 421 all the way to Madison Indiana across that little bridge on the Ohio River. It was around the mountainous part of 421 where the road winds back and forth with dangerous curves. I have the location stored in my GPS. I was doing 55 on cruise control like always, came around a corner and there he was standing next to a street sign. He was at least 8 feet tall totally covered in hair standing on the side of the road and when my super bright headlights shined on him his eyes reflected like a deer’s eyes in head lights. He was only like 2 to 3 feet off the side of the road. He just stood there and stared at me. He didn’t run or anything, but he wasn’t standing totally still. He looked like a man in the face, totally covered with hair, and kind of reminded me of the wookie on star wars, except he had perfect chiseled abs and pectorals that you could see very well through his hair. This guy looked like he could easily lift a car over his head, almost had a gladiator type body build, but his arms hung all the way down past his knees. I saw this thing in detail and I got chills up my spine. It scared the crap out of me for the rest of the night. This thing was there, it was real. I saw it plain as day and if it were a man in costume then why did his eyes glow like a deer’s in headlights? Nobody believes my story, not even my family members, nor my father and they always say I must have been on drugs, but I assure you I was not hallucinating. I swear to God I saw this and I try not to tell the story to anyone anymore because I feel like an idiot afterwards. They look at me like I’m a nut job.”
Describe the creature with detail:
“8 feet tall covered in hair, six pack of abs and visible pecks, gladiator type build, his hands hung down a little past his knees, and he looked kind of like a bearded long hair hippy in the face, and his eyes reflected in my headlights.”
Any additional Info? “It scared the crap out of me!”
Follow Up: 11-16-11

I spoke to the witness over the phone. The excitement was evident in his voice even though it’s been four years since his sighting. It was a typical chance encounter, as he said he had just rounded a sharp corner when he noticed what he first thought was a “huge biker dude” standing next to a street sign. He promptly slowed his delivery truck down to about 15mph and starred at this creature for quite some time, taking in a tremendous amount of detail. It was on the passenger side of his truck, only a few feet off the road. His high beams lit it up nicely. Its entire body was covered in medium length, reddish-brown hair. The abs and pec muscles were very pronounced. “It looked like it worked out in a gym; it had a gladiator-type physique from a movie; it looked powerful enough to lift up a car!” The hair color and length was consistent across it body, even in his mid-section, yet he was amazed how you could see the muscular definition, even through the hair. The arms were very long, with the wrists coming below the knees. Its face was cover in hair with a 2-3 inch beard. The eyes nose and mouth were all proportionate to the head. “It looked like a Wookie from Star Wars.” The eye shine was that of a deer or a dog, kind of greenish. It did not move, smirk or blink. The only movement was that of its arms which dangled slightly side to side. After getting a really good look and realizing this was not a human, he sped off quickly. For the rest of his trip he was extremely nervous, even wondering if this thing had possibly jumped on the back of his truck!

I visited the location and measured the school bus sign. The sign was exactly 8 feet tall and the witness said it stood over a half-head taller, placing the creature’s height at 8 feet 6 inches. The estimated weight at this height would be approximately a half ton (1,000 lbs)!

Sketch by Terry Thomas under the direction of the witness.

In 1962 local authorities hunted a Wildman in this exact area. See page 11 of this article:

– Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator