KY Trimble Fall 2007 #00001

Website submission 4-5-12

Your first name: Lisa (last name on file)

Which county? Trimble

Estimated date? Fall 2007

Estimated time: 8 pm

Nearest city? Bedford

Nearest Road: (Undetermined at this time. The witness may try to find the location for us.)

Length of time the encounter lasted: 2 min

How many witnesses? 2

Please describe your encounter:
My dad and I were driving down some back roads one evening and I can’t even remember where we were going, but I do remember it was just getting dark and it was just starting to sprinkle. I know I had my headlights on but it really wasn’t that dark yet. We pulled up to a stop at a “T” intersection. Directly across the road we saw a Bigfoot and he was running up a small hill toward a row of trees. He was holding a small silver or gray rectangle box in his right arm like a football. As we pulled to the stop sign my lights were pointing towards him. He turned around and looked at us like it was nothing then just continued up the hill. We saw the Bigfoot very clearly. The Bigfoot continued out of sight and we continued down the road.

Describe the creature with detail:

He was shaped just like a regular man. He ran just like man but had long strides like a professional runner. He was hairy all over. The hair was just a regular brown, maybe with a tint of red. He had on no shoes or clothes just hair. The thing I remember most is that he just looked like a hairy really in shape human with a bubble butt. I would estimate him to be between 61/2 to 7 ft. tall.

Follow Up: 4/21/12

I spoke to Lisa, the eyewitness, over the phone today. She sounded to be a very sincere and credible 35 year old housewife from Carrollton. She said her sighting occurring about 5 years ago while driving with her father in the city of Bedford. They came to a 4-way intersection in a rural area. It was dusk, but not dark. She had just turned the headlights on and there was a light rainfall. Directly across the road, in front of their vehicle, about 35 yards away, they noticed a 6 ½ – 7 foot tall, hairy, bi-pedal creature running up the hill side. Although she had turned the headlights on, it was still light enough to see clearly. The headlights did not reflect on the creature and it was running left to right away from them. It had brown, short fur with a reddish tint. Muscular in shape, the shoulders were wide and the neck was thick. It had a very large “bubble butt.” The head seemed rounded rather than pointed. The arms were very long with the elbows coming to its waist. It was taking long strides up the hill and it looked like it was running on its toes. It turned its head to look at them however it did not twist the upper torso or shoulders when doing so, but only pivoted the head just enough so that its chin was over its right shoulder. The most notable thing about this sighting was the creature appeared to be carrying a large rectangular-shaped object tucked under its right arm, similar in fashion to a football player carrying a football. The object was not necessary shiny. She estimates the size and shape of the object to that of an “old large bible.” As the creature vanished into the woods they drove off and never thought about reporting their encounter. Lisa shared with me an interesting emotion she experienced after the sighting occurred; she said, “this thought ran across my mind, the world isn’t how we know it.” Lisa decided to report her encounter after seeing a recent report from Trimble County on this site.
– Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator