KY Washington November 1994 #00002

Your first name: Joe (last name on file)

Estimated date? November 1994

Estimated time? 5:30 am

Nearest city? Mackville

Nearest Road(s): Little Joe Davis Lane

Length of time the encounter lasted: 5 minutes

How many witnesses? 1

Please describe your encounter:

“I owned a 70 acre farm about three miles from Mackville about 40 acres was wooded and there were several thousand acres around it that weren’t very populated. In 1994 I left my house and walked about a quarter mile on the way to my stand to deer hunt. I had to walk through an open field then through a bottom and then through the woods to get to my stand. It was pitch black as I walked to the stand. The sun wouldn’t rise for a while but I wanted to be in my stand and settled down before the sun came up. About 10 yards into the woods something grunted to my left. It was big and it was close. I was so startled I stopped immediately. Whatever this was sounded huge. It wasn’t a long grunt but deep sounding. After standing there for few seconds another grunt, but this was like a growl. Kind of a warning tone with much more authority. Whatever this was was within a few feet of me and I couldn’t see my hand in front of my face. Standing there holding a high powered rifle you wouldn’t think you would be scared but I was terrified. Then another grunt a little to the right of the first. Not as deep or threatening. Whatever it was, now there were two. I froze thinking of my options. I kept telling myself “this is a buck snorting and grunting but deep inside I knew it wasn’t”. I couldn’t see well enough to run. I was standing on a steep hill that went about one hundred yards up to a ridge in the middle of 35 acres of woods. I only had five bullets, although I really didn’t think shooting at whatever this was would do anything but agitate it. So I stood there. I’m sure it could sense I was afraid. I felt as though they were staring at me and had a clear picture of me. I couldn’t see a thing. After standing there for a minute I noticed it was completely quiet. I knew they hadn’t left because the ground was covered with dry leaves and I would have heard them walk (kind of blows the deer theory). There were no more threatening growls or sounds. I decided if they were going to become aggressive they would have done something by now. I slowly turned away and moved toward my deer stand. I knew they were watching me and they never made a sound or step until I had crossed over the ridge where my stand was. I kept telling myself they were big bucks grunting. I have finally come to terms with it though and I know this wasn’t the case. I have spent a lot of time hunting and walking in the woods. I know the sounds of animals native to Kentucky. Looking back I believe I surprised them when I came into the woods from the bottom. I made no noise until I entered the woods and walked on the dry leaves. Needless to say, I’m glad they are a shy peaceful species.”