KY Woodford February 8, 2015 #00001

Young Girl Spots A Gorilla?

Report submitted: 2-8-2015
Witness: Charla (8 years old); submitted my mother Elizabeth (last name on file)
City: Versailles, KY
Location: 420 Scotts Ferry Road (across the street)
Date of encounter: 2-8-2015
Time of encounter: 2:30 PM
Number of witnesses: 1
Length of sighting: Maybe 10 seconds

Describe your encounter: “Taking daughter to a play date in the southern part of the county on the river side and she said she saw a gorilla but bigger standing next to a creek about 20 feet from the road. Said it was blackish/gray with very long arms, just like a gorilla, but taller. She didn’t see its face because it was turned around.”