Bigfoot Project

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– Chris “The Yeti” Eddy
Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Woolybooger, Skunk Ape, Yeti, Abominable Snowman, Samsquanch…  Whatever name they are given, the legendary, bipedal Cryptid has a solid foothold in legend and lore, in every society and on every continent, around the entire globe.  If you were to survey a group of six random people, all will have heard of the creature, several in the group will know of someone who claims to have seen one and one person will, maybe very reluctantly, say that they have had an encounter of some kind with the creature henceforth known as Bigfoot. 

We here, at Metal & Madness have taken it upon ourselves to do an actual Scientific Study on Bigfoot.  This project originated when we were discussing sightings and Jer, “Lil Sonny” Stafford spoke up: “You know… Let’s take the names, legend and mystique away from this and track all of these sightings like they were any other creature…  Let’s plot the sighting and see what shakes out.” The findings, on this preliminary tracking project were very enlightening, showing clear migratory routes that could be followed by any other type of migratory creature. The stories accompanying this study can be found in the Sighting Database at

Our goal is to take away the stigma that our society can so easily attach to mythical creatures.  Some people will look at you funny when you mention Bigfoot. Some people will mock you when you say something about an encounter you had that you can’t quite figure out what exactly happened…. We aren’t “some people”.  Our intent, here, is to shake off the stigma attached to these and similar stories and encounters and to study them in a scientific environment. My intent, here, within the pages of this magazine, is to offer up a regular Bigfoot/Cryptid Oriented column that will share facts, theories and stories about all of our favorite Cryptids.  This will not only cover our ongoing studies of Bigfoot, his life and his wanderings but of other legendary Cryptids, as well. Mothman, Dogman, Chupacabra, and others might just make appearances, here and or on the show.

Our main goal is to give Bigfoot Believers a place to tell their stories.  In these stories are details that we need to be able to continue out studies. If you have a story, we’d like to hear it. Go to the “Report a Sighting” link at the top of the Metal & Madness homepage and submit your story.  We look forward to reading it. It might just give us information that we need.

We have been lucky in that a close friend of mine, and local Bigfoot connoisseur, Aaron Winn was gracious enough to set in on out Feb. 17th Metal & Madness podcast titled “Bigfoot Update”.  The link for this Podcast can be found at the above link.  Once there, go to the right side of the screen and look under “Podcasts”.  Also, look for us on YouTube, iHeart Radio, iTunes and Spreaker. I won’t give the details of the show here because I believe you will find it well worth your time to give it a listen.  

So, the opportunity to turn the science of Bigfoot study on its head is afoot.  I believe that so many ‘Experts’ try to turn the evidence to bolster their own, personal beliefs.  We, on the other hand, are using our beliefs to further drive the research, whichever direction it may take us.  So, stay tuned. This could get interesting!