Paranormal TV Growth?

The reign of the paranormal reality television was ending. In fact in a earlier article I had even said anytime that Rob Lowe creates a show about a topic, that it is dead. Now I am not sure anymore. I think that the statement that good paranormal reality television is dying is more apt.

The television audience seems to enjoy jump scares, running around yelling that something happened with background music just loud enough you cannot hear it yourself, and scripted content so they feel that they get something for their time.

With the apparent feud with the returning Ghost Hunters and Ghost Nation shows, Zak Baggins being weird and wanting to buy a serial killers brain, and all the clones of the paranormal show format, what is actually new?

All write all this as a bit of preface to what I am about to discuss. I posted earlier about just coming across Hellier, and decided to dig into it a little bit. As I thought it was a good bit of marketing that got me initially interested. But even though I have some issues with the show, I was caught by the realistic approach they had.

I have sat in on investigations, and have done hours of research. A lot of the time you are sitting around discussing what you have found and shooting the crap with the people you are with. AND NOTHING HAPPENS.

Reading the comments on the show, it is apparent on who is a fan of the “ghost shows” and who is actually a fan of investigations and research. It really was something different than the shows you see, but even though people are scrambling for something new, when it comes, it isn’t appreciated.

It was decent, not like anything on the tv now, and it got panned. I said before I had some issues with it but I still am looking forward to season 2. But not looking forward to the rehash and “reality” tv that has been on for a while now. Probably makes me the bad guy right?

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