Sightings Database

Information in the database is collected from various sources submitted to different websites. It is only collected and stored in one place for research purposes. Each record will cite the website of origin.

Links to reports are currently being transferred over, and will be full up and running soon. Full database is located at

CountyCityStateDate of SightingLink to Report
La Porte IN October 8, 2008
La Porte IN October 1987
La Porte IN October 1985
Lagrange IN October 18, 2003
Lake IN August 16, 1937
Lawrence IN October 26, 1981
Lawrence IN September 4, 2005
Lawrence IN October 27, 1982
Madison IN 1976-1977
Madison IN August 11, 1977
Madison IN 1975
Marion IN March 2, 2007
Marshall IN 1968
Martin IN 1984-85
Miami IN October 2004
Monroe IN October 22, 2009
Monroe IN March 16, 2009
Monroe IN Fall 2006
Monroe IN October 1989-1990
Monroe IN November 1988