Stories of a Haunted Mind

Part 1

My name is Angela.  I am a Spiritual Medium.  For years, I have revealed this side of myself only to those closest to me.  My decision to step out from hiding is personal. The only request I have is that you read these stories with an open mind. They are both real and factual to the best of my recollection.    If even just one person finds some of the answers they seek through my stories, then my goal is fulfilled. It is possible that one of you may even find that you are not alone.  

Believer, skeptic, or just curious….. Enjoy!

My earliest memory of the spirit world was when I was 6 years of age.  My cousins and I were spending the night at my Grandma’s house. We were getting dressed for bed.  I had started to slip my nightgown over my head when I heard what sounded like footsteps. They had began next to the wall furthest from me and proceeded in a straight line to the wall behind me.  They seemed to stop right below the light hanging on the wall. 

I glanced at my cousins, but they seemed oblivious to what I had just heard.  They did notice when the light on the wall started to flicker. They ran past me screaming into the adjoining room.  I was too fascinated to move. One of my cousins stepped into the doorway motioning me to join them. I didn’t make any attempt to move, and she looked at me like I was crazy.  I ignored her and turned again to look at the light. I saw a young man standing there with a warm smile on his face. I can still remember how perfect his teeth were, and the way his eyes lit up with his smile.  I smiled back at him. 

In a voice louder than I had intended, I said, “Hi Uncle Bud.  My Dad is your brother. His name is Phil. He misses you.”

He gave me a sad smile and disappeared.

I walked back into the adjoining room.  My cousins were speechless. They just stared at me with no expression on their faces.  A number of things ran through my young mind at that moment. Shouldn’t I have been afraid of the footsteps, the light flickering, and the young man standing there?  Was there something wrong with me because I wasn’t afraid? Are my cousins going to want to play with me anymore? Wait… how did I know that was my Uncle Bud? Oh yes, there is a picture of him hanging on the wall downstairs.  

A wave of fear washed over me.   It wasn’t fear of what I had just seen and heard. It was a fear of how other people would react.  I tried to push it away. I couldn’t let my cousins see that I was doubting myself. I loved playing with them at Grandma’s house.  If they thought I was weird or were afraid of me they may not want to be around me anymore. Wait… if the adults found out then they may not allow me to play with them.  I also didn’t want to risk mentioning my Uncle Bud to my Grandma and Dad. For reasons still unknown to me, my Grandma forbid mentioning his name in the house. I straightened my posture, squared my shoulders, and faced my cousins.  

“Stop acting like little wusses! You should be happy that Uncle Bud just wanted to let us know he is OK.  This will be our little secret. Don’t tell anyone, or we won’t be able to play at Grandma’s anymore.”

It actually worked.  The adults never found out, and we still enjoyed many carefree days at Grandma’s.  When the light flickered, we would all quietly say hello to Uncle Bud.    

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