The Paranormal Hobo takes to the road.

Topher, from this page, has taken off down the road on his first recorded paranormal road trip. Why a paranormal road trip you might ask? Well, after being locked down during Covid and having to abandon his stay in Louisiana, Topher had some pent up wanderlust left in him. So why not?

He is documenting his trip on Geek Public Radio’s YouTube channel, and will be posting updates on his website. And there are rumors that after the trip is complete, the whole first season of the trip (approx 10 episodes) will be available on the GPTV Roku channel as well as Amazon Prime. We cannot confirm the latter but the Roku channel and the website GeekPublicTV is going to have the season.

His blog posts are up to date on his website, so tune in there as he notes the small events he encounters on his journey that he couldn’t get recorded on camera.

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