The Whistling Jack – Small Town USA Bigfoot

In a small rural town once dubbed Small Town USA by the DOD in 1943, a sighting spawned “Bigfoot” talk for years. It resulted in several other sightings as well as a lot of skeptics.

According to authorities, there was a sighting before this one. It seems that there were several reports that go back as far as the founding of the town, and one in 1972. It was around the old railroad arch over Lilly Creek, which was located behind the landfill where this sighting occurred. There was reports of tracks found in Tipton County, just two years prior, however it was later discovered to be a hoax.

DNR and County officials attempted to downplay the report as a possible sighting of a horse that was loose in the area. Even though the witness description was pretty clear about how close they were and the locations of the sighting.

For the next year or so, several people came forward and reported that they have had encounters in the same area.  It spread through the small town, and it seemed that lines were drawn.  Those who believed and those who were skeptical.

That skepticism didn’t deter some from coming forward with their experiences.  One encounter came from a young couple at the time.  They were living in a second floor apartment just two miles from the sighting location.  One morning, as the young woman was making the bed, which sat underneath a western facing window, she noticed a giant hand print on the upper glass.  The hand print, she reported, was twice as large as her hand.  It was also located on the top section of the windows.  Those windows, she stated, was older counter weight windows that didn’t tip out or move.  To her estimation, to place a hand print on that window, the being must have been near ten feet tall.

Several others reported seeing a “Bigfoot” around the small addition called Innesdale, located on the map around a small blimp called Gimco City. Being only four or five roads square, it is nestled inside a heavily wooded area and farmland.  Several residents claim that during that time they would come out to find a large fur covered creature digging through their garbage cans.  Several claim that when they went inside to retrieve their hunting rifles, the creature would leave.  Most of these claims were reported from houses facing the woods.

Several people in the town also remember heading out into the woods around that area with their rifles to “protect” their homes.

Over time the reports dwindled and then stopped.  Life moved on, as everyone dealt with the daily stresses that came with the latter part of the 70’s. 

There have been sightings still around the town, including one in the same stretch of road just a year or so ago. Most of the current sightings seem to be located in a wooded area on the east side of town. However, today most of the people who experienced the events are in their sixties.  Even more of them have passed on.  The younger generation may scoff at the idea, but the older generation remembers when the town was seemingly beset by a giant hairy creature.