Touched by a “Ghost”?

Holy crap. I mean, seriously. So when I was pursuing some websites looking to see what was up in the world of the paranormal (I mean so much crap happens sometimes you fall behind), and I see this headline…  NBA Star Metta World Peace Claims Ghosts Touched Him Inappropriately.

I mean, it floored me. Pam Bovie popped into my head immediately with “Holy shit snacks”. That was the only thought I could come up with, for like a whole minute. Just to add to the insanity, I find out that there are British athletes who are claiming to be molested by ghosts on the set of their reality series.  Not to be out done, Bobby Brown came out with a claim that he has been assaulted by ghosts. To quote…“I woke up, and, yeah … I was being mounted by a ghost.”

Gareth Thomas and Kadeena Cox, both appearing on a british sports reality show, reported events in the hotel in which they were staying. Though the quote from Thomas was a little left handed… and made me chuckle.“She had a ghost going in and out of her. She had a sleep thing,” he said, according to the Sun. “She wishes it were a person… It was going in and out of her body.” (source)

Is he saying she is a little hard up? Cause that doesn’t sound like a very nice thing to say. But who am I to say, I tend not to talk about that sort of thing myself.

Hell, it appears that Kesha’s song Supernatural was inspired by a romp with rather randy male spirit.  What is this world coming to? Even ghosts get accused of sexual assault?